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Voluntary Peak Shaving Program

(Please note: If you signed up for this program last year, you are automatically enrolled again this year).

Question: If gas was $21 dollars a gallon during one hour on a specific hot summer day, would you fill up your car during that hour? This is the problem your cooperative, Flint Hills RECA, faces every summer during its peak load hour. Last year that one hour cost (the Cooperative) Flint Hills $122 per kW used during that same one hot hour. That is 900 times the normal current cost per kW.

For the two summer months of July and August, we are inviting members to participate in the Peak Shaving Program. This voluntary program can help reduce the wholesale power costs incurred by the Cooperative during the 2019 summer peak hours and provide you with a possible energy credit on your October bill. It is a win-win program that won’t cost you a thing. Even if you do not lower your usage enough to qualify for a credit!

The summer peak demand for electricity drives a major portion of the wholesale power billing amount for the eight off-peak months that follow, October through May. This means that the lower the peak demand registered on the hottest hour in the summer, the lower demand charges will be throughout the remaining months.

Members who voluntarily sign up for the Peak Shaving Program by June 20th, 2019, and lower their energy usage during the highest summer peak hour will be eligible for an energy credit and will also help the Cooperative save on the wholesale power costs for the following 8 months.

The Peak Shaving Program will run during July and August, only on weekdays, Monday through Friday, from 3pm to 6pm when the temperature is forecast to be 95 degrees or higher, (excluding the July 4th holiday). Flint Hills will make every attempt to notify you by e-mail or text when possible peak hours may occur. At the end of the August billing period, your credit will be based on the difference between your 12 month average kW usage per hour X 2.3, and your actual kW usage during the Cooperative’s highest summer peak hour.  For example let’s say that your last 12 month average usage of kW per hour is 1.66; 1.66 X 2.3 is 3.818, and you signed up to participate in the Peak Shaving Program, lowered your summer peak usage hour to only 2.818 kW, (shaving off 1 kW) by not running the dryer, dishwasher, oven, or even by turning off your air conditioner for that hour, you could receive a credit of $70 on your October 1st bill.  How cool is that?!?!

How to sign up to participate in Peak Shaving Program: To sign up, you must let us know that you want to participate by calling our office at 620-767-5144 or use this form to Contact Us. We will direct you to the Smarthub app or to the SmartHub option through our website,, to choose your option of text or email for Peak Alert notifications. Flint Hills will notify you on the possible peak days to let you know when to reduce your usage. It is that easy. There is no cost to you to participate. At the end of September, Flint Hills will calculate your peak hour usage, and if there is a reduction from your annual average usage by using the example formula above, you will receive the appropriate credit on your October 2019 billing.

How to shave energy during the Peak Load Hour: Reduce your energy usage during the possible peak hours, (3pm-6pm Monday through Friday) when the temperature is 95 or higher. Refrain from using appliances that use a lot of electricity. The dishwasher uses approximately 1400 W an hour, the clothes dryer uses an estimated 6000 W an hour, and the oven uses 2660 W an hour. By doing the cooking and washing later on in the evening or early in the morning you could reduce your peak hour usage and help reduce the Cooperative’s wholesale costs for power. This in turn comes back to you, the member, with lower billing charges.

Electricity is one of the best discoveries ever made and living without it would be a struggle, but by lowering your usage during the hottest summer hour, you could put credit $$ on your October bill and reduce costs for your Cooperative and its members as well. This program cannot be combined with any other load management offer.



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