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Rebate Program

Water Heater & Heating System Rebates

Flint Hills RECA in cooperation with KEPCo offers rebates to our members on purchases of Air Source Heat Pumps, Geothermal Systems, and electric water heaters. To apply for rebates, fill out these forms and send them to us. (Note: On-demand or tankless water heaters do not qualify for rebates)

Water Heaters

  • $100

Ground Source Heat Pump

  • $125 per ½ ton.
  • Minimum of 2 ton unit
  • Must have minimum COP of 3.6 and EER of 16.2 (open loop)
  • Must have minimum COP of 3.3 and EER of 14.1 (closed loop)

Air Source Heat Pump

  • $50 per half-ton for a 14.5 SEER
  • $75 per half-ton for a 16 SEER
  • $100 per half-ton for a 17 SEER and above
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